The Andrew James Halogen Oven

The Andrew James Halogen Oven allows you to do everything from roasting, to frying to steaming and even grilling, all in a single unit. Not only that, but it works faster than a regular oven and helps you to save energy as well as money and space. There’s no need for oil either, allowing you to cook meals that are fully fat-free.

As the name suggests, halogen ovens utilize a halogen lamp in order to provide the heat. Normally, this is used to heat food stored inside a transparent container. The many benefits of cooking with halogen ensure that it is catching on quickly and that more and more people are now investing in these products.

So, if you’re looking to get in on the action and to start enjoying healthier meals cooked faster and more conveniently, how does the Andew James Digital Halogen Oven measure up?

andrew james halogen ovenProduct Description

This is a nicely made product that looks immediately like a quality, premium piece of equipment. It has a black body and glass container ( although it is also available in white). Also included is a hinged lid for easy access to the cooking area and the food within, as well as a digital dial for reading the temperature. The main unit is made from plastic but the black finish gives it a more premium appearance than that might suggest.

The oven allows you to roast, fry, steam and grill and does exactly what it says on the tin. Operation is simple and easy and the end results speak for themselves. As they say: the proof is in the pudding. And we made some rather delicious puddings testing this bad boy out!


This halogen oven includes a dial that is capable of cooking at up to 250c. That’s high enough for practically all applications and the precise nature of this kind of cooking means that you can be sure you will get repeatable results every time. According to the listing, this oven can cook at up to 40% faster than a conventional oven and consumes only 0.867kWh at 200C versus 2.068kWh for a standard electric oven. This can amount to significant yearly savings.

The unit doesn’t take up too much space at 33”x34”x47” and it only weights 6kg. Something worth noting is that when the hinge is opened, it is 61cm tall. This is still fairly short but means you’ll need to reconsider if you plan on storing it underneath low kitchen cupboards.


There are a number of useful features on this oven. Perhaps the best among them is the ‘self-cleaning’ functionality, which will understandably helps users to save considerable time and effort.

Another great feature is a two hour timer. This allows you to cook ‘hands-free’ while you focus on other things. The digital readout is also highly intuitive to use, and allows you to change the time and temperature even while cooking. All in all, this is a highly versatile and flexible machine.

andrew james halogen ovenExtras and Alternative Products

The Andrew James Halogen Oven is striking for its low price. For this single purchase, you’ll have somewhere to do all of your cooking and that makes it an incredibly cost effective purchase – especially for those that are pushed for space and need a tool that can serve dual, triple or quadruple purposes.

What makes this an even better deal is the huge number of accessories and spare parts. There is a spare halogen bulb for example, which extends the lifespan considerably before you’ll need any additional parts. This is a great bonus when you consider that halogen bulbs aren’t always that cheap themselves.

Further value comes from the included high rack and low rack for different types of cooking, tongs for retrieving food from inside, extender ring, dishes for rice and cake, a rack for baking and steaming, a toast rack and skewers.

For those looking for an alternative to this product, there are a number of options available, many of which are highly comparable. We highly recommend the Andrew James brand however which assures quality, and the hinge lid and other features on this particular model make it our pick for the best value and most convenient to use.

andrew james halogen oven

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. At the time of writing, there are 1,315 reviews which have an average score of 4.5 stars. This is a fantastic score considering the huge number of reviews and it is testament to just how practical a halogen oven it is and how well-made and feature-rich this particular unit is.

The reviews unanimously praise the ease of use, the versatility and the unit. Many describe the various different meals and desserts they managed to create too.

One reviewer said:

“Purchased this oven about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I have used it everyday since. I have cooked a roast dinner, pasta dishes, stew and dumplings, steak and chips and a lots of other meals some more complex some so simple and I can honestly say it’s a joy to use. Takes about 2 minutes to get to temperature and away you go. Was a bit nervous of using it at first I think I was trying to make it more complicated than it is, I cannot believe how easy it is to use and clean. I wish I had bought one of these a long time ago it will definitely save on the electric bill. Oh and I made a cake which also came out spot on. Love it.”

Another said:

“Had a basic oven before. this model is fantastic. its more accurate with the digital time and heat settings. the wash and heat dry function is fantastic it leaves the bow like it’s not been used. I find the lift up lid easier I would recommend because if you have children there is a danger if your short on space it could fall off your work top.. get one and enjoy.”

Negative reviews are very rare and tend to involve delivery issues or damage that occurred in transit.

The Andrew James Halogen Oven – Conclusion

Overall, this is a fantastic halogen oven that comes with all the trimmings (no pun intended) and a large range of smartly thought-out and implemented ideas. The oven is easy to use with an excellent self-cleaning feature and a huge number of freebies thrown in. What’s more, is that this is a very well made and expertly crafted product from a recognized and trusted brand.

In short, this is something that anyone should consider and that comes highly recommended. That said, it will be of especially good use for those that don’t have space to fit lots of cooking appliances into their homes, those that want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money, or those looking for an easy and fun way to eat more healthily with less oil and less fat.

This is a highly recommended product and excellent value for money. It gets a full, unreserved recommendation.


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