The Andrew James Juicer

Introducing the Andrew James Juicer.  We are big fans of Andrew James products thanks to their excellent quality, low prices and fantastic customer reviews. These products are reliable and usually feature just the right selection of design features to ensure a smooth experience for the user.

We are also big fans of juicers. Juicers provide an incredibly convenient way for anyone to make smoothies that are packed with nutrition. The difference that this can make to your health – the ability to get a strong dose of vitamins and minerals on tap – is absolutely huge. If you suffer from lots of colds, find yourself often feeling tired, struggle to lose weight, suffer with bad skin, sleep badly or have dry, broken hair… then pretty much all of these things can likely be fixed with a juicer.

Then there are the other things you can make with juicers – such as soups and sauces. They’re incredibly useful to have in the kitchen and can even change the way you approach cooking.

With that in mind, you would think that a juicer made by Andrew James would be the perfect match. So… is it?

andrew james juicerProduct Description

This juicer gets off to a great start with a great look. The silver finish looks professional but attractive and instantly makes an impression. The machine is fairly large and requires space above it to use – which might be a detracting point for some – but the look balances this by being something you’ll want to see often on your countertop.

As for how it chews through food, you are unlikely to have any complaints with the performance. It has a powerful motor, super-sharp blades and lots of smart features – as we’ll see in the rest of this review.


This juicer comes with a large 7.5cm chute which can take whole fruit and veg. That saves considerable time spent chopping and peeling, and the 850W motor and stainless steel blades make short work of it. Normally, you’ll get the juice you need in just a few seconds.


On top of the impressive specifications and extras, you’ll also be impressed with the quiet running of this machine. It’s very quiet compared to others which means you don’t need to wake the neighbours every time you fancy some fresh juice. Also handy is the 2 litre container – more than large enough to make plenty lots of juice that you can enjoy for a while to come.

andrew james juicerExtras and Alternatives

As the listing suggests, this product comes with a cleaning brush and a juice collecting jug. This makes cleaning much easier, which is one of the big drawbacks of many other similar products.

In fact, it’s important that we don’t undersell this. While you might think that a juicer will change your health and your life by making it that much easier to make healthy snacks, the reality is that it can only do that if you really use it regularly. If the juicer takes ages to clean or is that fiddly and unpleasant to clean, then you’ll find you don’t do it. Something that can be cleaned easily is absolutely essential then because it means you’ll find it much easier to fit into your routine.

As for alternatives, there are certainly many other options available but they lack the nice finish or ease of use of this product. One that might be worth looking into is the Nutribullet, which is similarly convenient but in a different way.

andrew james juicerCustomer Reviews

Customer reviews for the Andrew James Juicer are extremely positive. Right now there is a total of 83 reviews, which have an average star rating of 4.2 on Amazon. Reviewers are impressed with the price, the quality and the overall performance. Complaints revolve around the amount of vibration. This is testament to the power but of course it can have downsides if you are trying to be subtle or you don’t want to shake things over on your countertop. The size is also an issue for some buyers – so make sure you’re okay with that before you buy.

One reviewer said:

“A powerful machine for a very reasonable price. Has so far tackled every fruit and vegetable I have tried without issues (e.g. harder veg like carrots).

The feeder part is large enough that you don’t need to spend a long time chopping everything up into really tiny chunks and hence it’s reasonably quick to make a jug of juice. Easy to take apart to clean, and minimal mess once you get used to all the parts.”

The Andrew James Juicer – Conclusion

This is a fantastic juicer for many reasons but the biggest selling point has to be the ability to drop entire fruits and vegetables down the chute and not worry whether or not they will be handled. The convenience is matched only by the premium look and feel, which is in direct contrast to the low price. It’s a little large but if you can fit it in your kitchen, it’s one of the best juicers that money can buy.


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