The Cooks professional 800W Stand Mixer

Introducing the Cooks Professional 800W Stand Mixer.  A standing food mixer is a highly worthwhile upgrade to any kitchen if you don’t already have one. If you’re currently kneading bread by hand and mixing meringue with a fork or even a handheld whisk, then you are not only tiring yourself out unnecessarily, but you’re also not going to get the silkiest and most lump-free end result.

This is a must for any baker or anyone else who loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

But as they say: go big or go home! If you’re going to invest in a mixer, then you may as well make sure you get the right one. That means you’ll want something powerful, something that looks the part and something that has the versatility to do all the jobs you might need it to.

So how does the Cooks Professional Stand Mixer stand up?

cooks professional 800w stand mixer - cooks professional stand mixerProduct Description

This is quite the sight to behold. While the Cooks Professional doesn’t have quite the same aesthetic appeal as certain other mixers, it has ‘wow factor’ in a difference sense – it’s massive. This has a real presence in the kitchen and especially thanks to the hinging lid and included splash guard. The huge 5 litre stainless steel bowl is more than large enough to fit a ton of food in and the machine is powerful too.

While it’s not necessarily attractive in the way that some mixers are, this model is nevertheless stylishly designed and has a premium, high-quality feel to it. It’s weighty too, which helps to keep it firmly in place. Best of all? It makes short work of a range of mixing jobs.


This mixer comes with an 800W motor and weighs in at 6KG. It measures 23x37x32cm, which means it is rather large. Whether that is a negative will depend on the size of your kitchen, but it is of course what allows for the large bowl size – which makes it an easy recommendation for large families.

The 95cm power cord is also appreciably large and there is a two-year warranty to give peace of mind.

Note that while the bowl is stainless steel and some attachments are aluminium, the product itself is plastic.


Three different attachments are included: a dough hook, whisk and flat beater. This makes for a versatile product, while the especially large bowl means that you don’t need to cook in batches. The tilting head is also a smart feature as it makes it much easier to get in and out.

There is also the option to alter the speed, though as one reviewer pointed out it is not a ‘true’ step-less speed change.

cooks professional 800w stand mixer - cooks professional stand mixerExtras and Alternatives

Other than the bowl and the various attachments, there are no extras here. In terms of alternatives, one of the most compelling is the similar model from Andrew James. This has a more impressively attractive glossy red finish and similar specifications, but a smaller bowl.

For the price, this is perhaps the best ‘large’ mixer out there.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for this product are excellent, which is always a great sign. Right now, there are 33 customer reviews on Amazon which together have an average score of 4.5/5 stars. One review that gave 4 stars said:

“Used for the first time and found it quieter than expected. Stays firm to the work surface with it’s grippy feet. Found the splatter guard a little fiddly when scrapping mix from sides of bowl and changing the attachment but nothing major and splatter guard did a fabulous job with the added seal where it joins the main machine. I would have liked a glass bowl as well but there is not one for this model. It is possible to buy an extra stainless steel bowl. Overall I recommend this machine and it is good value for money.”

Cooks Professional 800W Stand Mixer – Conclusion

No mixed feelings about this product: it is an excellent mixer. At the end of the day, what matters most is the ability to mix food adequately and this product delivers in that regard. This made short work of everything we threw at it and the large bowl size makes life easy for those producing large batches. If you have the space, consider this mixer.


Cooks Professional