Cooks Professional Espresso Machine Review

The Cooks Professional Espresso Machine makes us happy.  We like a good espresso, and like it’s many admirers, we like this machine.  It’s currently ON OFFER, so we thought we’d review it for you.

Cooks Professional Espresso Machine

Introducing the Cooks Professional Espresso Machine.  There are a ton of great reasons to have a proper coffee machine in your home. Coffee is a drink that is there to be explored and discovered. Everyone has their own preferred way of drinking coffee and there is an entire culture that surrounds it – from the incredibly tantalizing and invigorating aroma to the frothy, creamy taste and the way the whole product looks.

Many of us feel our day doesn’t start until that first coffee – but it’s about more than the caffeine. It’s about the experience.

True coffee lovers know this and that’s why they know that drinking filtered coffee from a jar just isn’t the same. That’s why the ability to make proper coffee is such a fantastic feature for any home kitchen – whether you’re impressing guests or just starting your own day right.

So how does the Cooks Professional Espresso Machine stack up?

Product Description

First things first: this is an absurdly affordable coffee machine. If you’re looking for a way that you can make real coffee from home, you’ll be blown away by the price which is really unrivalled.

For this low cost, you’ll have the ability to make basic espressos, which you can enjoy on their own from espresso cups.  This is the perfect way to jolt yourself awake when you’re in a hurry.  But as you know, adding espresso to hot water makes an Americano.  And adding espresso to milk makes a latte.

And you’ll be able to make lattes, cappuccinos and more thanks to the included milk frother. This is everything you need to make true coffee! The look seals the deal: it is a charmingly retro looking machine that is almost steam punk in its bronze, silver and black colorscheme.

The dial with the blue LED finishes the look, as does the compact size which will easily fit into any kitchen – or even onto a desk in a home office.

The machine is very easy to use as well and perfect for beginners.


This is a 800W barista style espresso machine for all those looking to make traditional espresso or other coffees. The whole process takes as little as five minutes.

The construction is stainless steel.

There is a single illuminated dial for simple use and a 3.5 bar working pressure.


This is a no-frills machine that keeps things affordable by removing extras like dials, readouts or even a built-in way of boiling water for larger drinks. That said, the stylish look is nearly a feature in itself, as is the 2 year warranty.

This does not work with fresh coffee beans but rather ground coffee in packs. If you want to grind your own coffee, you will need a grinder.

Some missing features include a carafe or a way of getting inside the water reservoir in order to clean limescale etc. One reviewer recommends using a descaler to prevent this issue.

Extras and Alternatives

There are not significant extras to mention that come with this product.  Likewise, competition is rare seeing as this is quite a different machine to many others. The design is much more sophisticated than that found with the likes of the Andrew James model but the size is also smaller and there are fewer controls.

In terms of the size and simplicity, this is similar to something like a Nespresso machine – but without the need to buy only their coffee.

Again, those looking to supplement their purchase may want to look for a coffee grinder so that they can buy and use fresh beans.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are largely positive. At the time of writing there are 32 reviews on Amazon, which give a solid average score of 3.6 stars out of 5.

One reviewer had this to say:

“I brought one at Christmas and in my opinion it’s fantastic. It’s quick and simple to use and makes fab coffee. It’s not too big so doesn’t take up that much room, which also means I leave it out on the kitchen work top instead of putting it away. I would definitely recommend one.”

Cooks Professional Espresso Machine – Conclusion

In conclusion, this is a fantastic option for those looking for an affordable and stylish way to start making proper coffee. The sophisticated look will be sure to please anyone looking to turn their home into a coffee shop and anyone who truly loves a hot beverage. What’s more though, is that the simple function but versatile set of features will result in lots of great coffee!

The downsides revolve around the lack of access to the reservoir and the lack of carafe. The relatively small size also means you may find yourself working hard if you have to prepare coffee for a lot of guests!  Otherwise though, it’s a stunning machine and would make a fantastic gift.

At teh time of review it came with a nice DISCOUNT and FREE DELIVERY.




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