VonShef Waffle Maker Review

Here at Beldirect we love a good waffle.  But enough of the chit chat.  We also love a good waffle machine, and this, the VonShef Waffle Maker, is just about the best of them all.  It’s currently available with a whopping 45% DISCOUNT so we just had to review it!

VonShef Waffle Maker Review

The Good: This is the ideal choice for anyone in love with Belgian waffles. Capable of making four waffles at the same time, it is recommended for families and couples with a sweet tooth. Ease of use is another great trait that must be mentioned as you don’t need to be an expert in making waffles to put together a delicious breakfast.

The Bad: While the VonShef Waffle Maker enjoys a lot of positive reviews from users, there are some minor gripes that we should mention. For instance, the plates are not removable, which makes washing them a tad tricky. You also need to wipe clean the plates after each use, to avoid damaging the non-stick coating.  But that’s all really.

The Bottom Line: For making delicious waffles with minimum effort, this waffle maker is a recommended buy. Following the instructions is easy, and it takes only a few minutes to get tasty waffles on a plate, ready to be served. Because it makes four waffles in one go, it’s a great option for waffle lovers. However, it must be kept in mind that a bit of TLC is needed when it comes to cleaning.

Product Description

The VonShef Quad Waffle Maker is a great kitchen appliance when it comes to making delicious desserts. Many people love waffles because they can be served with all kinds of toppings, regardless of whether you prefer ice cream on top, chocolate, or you go for healthier choices, like fruits and nuts. Making four waffles at the same time, this product will never leave anyone at the table wanting.

It is important to mention that this model is created with safety in mind. The handle remains cool to the touch even during operation, so you can manipulate the unit without fear of getting burned. Also, while the waffle maker is in use, a pilot light will let you know so that you can proceed with the necessary caution.

Convenience is another factor that draws so many praises from buyers. The waffle maker does its job quickly, which means that you will have delicious waffles delivered to the table within minutes. Checking on your waffles during the making process is easy, as the handle will let you open the unit and look inside.

Its also pretty easy to clean since the plates are non-stick. The latter aspect provides another advantage; you will not have to add oil or grease to prevent your waffles from getting stuck to the plates. This means that you’ll be able to cook healthier desserts as well.


This review of the VonShef waffle maker is created with the consumer’s needs in mind. To make certain that you are making an informed decision, we want to provide you with all the required information on the features available, so you can easily see the advantages of getting this particular model. Here are the most important features:

  • It makes four waffles in one go
  • It takes 4 to 7 minutes to cook four waffles
  • The non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze
  • The cool touch handle ensures extra safety
  • The pilot light lets you know when the unit is in use
  • An instruction manual is provided
  • 1200W power
  • It is relatively compact (L: 30cm, W: 27cm, H: 12.7cm)

This waffle maker is easy to use, and it helps you make your favourite breakfast within minutes.

It may not turn you into a waffle chef overnight, but given the numerous waffle recipes readily available on the Internet, you will be able to do a decent job in no time.

Because of its ability to make four waffles in one go, it is preferred by families with kids and couples who love having waffles first thing in the morning.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A high customer rating is always a good testimony to the abilities of a product. In the case of this waffle maker, a staggering Amazon rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 from a total number of 972 reviews gives you a clear idication of how good this unit actually is.

An amazing 763 reviewers gave the VonShef the maximum possible rating of 5 stars, with very few giving it less than 4.

Customers satisfied with this model mentioned that what they love best about it is the ease of use, even by someone with no cooking skills whatsoever. They also praised how quickly you can clean the unit, despite the plates being non-removable.

Those who were not as impressed said that gluten free waffles might be a bit difficult to get right, as they seem to come out a bit soggy.

Vonshef Waffle Maker – Conclusion

The VonShef Waffle Maker represents great value for money, as it can make four waffles at the same time and satisfy everyone in the family with a deep love for waffles. Because it cleans well and it requires very little learning to operate properly, it ranks highly with consumers’ and is therefore a recommended buy.

We recommend it anyway, but given the huge REDUCTION IN PRICE at the time of review this really is a no brainer!




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